If you are looking for a way to set your home apart from the competition, to sell faster and for more money consider the  Certified Pre-owned Homes program!! 

                                        What is the Certified Pre-Owned Home Program? 

This program consists of two main components/processes: 

  1. Pre-Listing Inspection – Prior to being listed, the Seller has a home inspection performed on their home, at their expense, a Home Inspector and the Sellers agree to complete the repairs as identified by the Home Inspector.
  2. A 1-Year Home Warranty is then placed on the Listed Home for the benefit of the buyer, which covers breakdowns to the home’s major systems and appliances as well as some structural coverage, that occur up to one year from the closing date.


    This is an optional program that we offer to our sellers.  If you elect to use this program you would be required to have a home inspection performed.  Inspections should include termite, roof, home inspection and chimney.  After the inspections you would: 

  1. Have any major defects repaired before putting your home on the market.
  2. Offer a one year home warranty to the buyer. 

Taking these simple steps before putting a home on the market can alleviate any concerns from potential buyers, allowing them to feel more at ease making an offer on a certified home.  For sellers this can alleviate any potential problems that can occur when a buyer has their home inspection performed.   You will already know your home should pass future inspections.  Call for more information on this exclusive program. 

Home Seller Benefits: 

  • The Seller will have a much better idea of the actual condition of their home and what the selling price should be.
  • If during the inspection, items are discovered that need attention, the homeowner can make repairs prior to the buyer inspection, possibly eliminating “last minute re-negotiations” or buyers walking away.
  • The seller will have copies of the inspection summary for open house displays as well as a copy being posted on this website and that of your realtor.
  • Sellers should have no post-closing calls about their former home.
  • When your home is listed as a Certified Pre-Owned Home it will differentiate your listing in the market place and maximize your number of potential buyers. 

Home Buyer Benefits: 

  • An inspection has already been performed by a qualified home inspector and paid for by the seller.
  • The buyer can be present and get an updated inspection using the same inspector for a discounted rate.
  • Buyers will be able to identify Certified Pre-Owned Homes on a Realtor’s web site.
  • They will be able to rest assured that nothing is seriously wrong with their new home and that they won’t be facing major repair expenses.
  • The combination of a pre-listing home inspection and a home warranty provides unparalleled transparency for prospective buyers about the condition of the home and the possibility of unwanted surprises after they move in.
  • Be able to make their mortgage payments because they will have no major repair expenses.
  • Pride of being able to say that their home is a “Certified Pre-Owned Home”.