Home Staging Tips

Using my home staging tips will get your home sold faster in San Jose. D&F Properties can help you design an inviting feeling that makes buyers to want to stay — permanently. Give me a call at 408-270-9776 and I will stage your house to sell.

Sell quickly in San Jose with home staging and with me as your real estate agent - 408-270-9776Careful home staging is a proven tactic utilized to sell a house here in San Jose. Some positive aspects of home staging include fewer days on the market and more offers. If your goal is to sell your house quickly, go for a well thought out home staging strategy.

Look at staging your home as creating an "image" for your property the same way a publicist would do for a well-known politician. Just like creating a style attracts the spotlight to a public figure, staging makes your house a more desirable listing on the market.

Staging your property to sell doesn't have to be a problem. It can turn into a fun and creative activity. Together, we'll work to get an exceptional bid for your home's sale. To see less time on the market in San Jose, California, employ these home staging tips:

Curb Appeal Checklist

Curb appeal is your best chance to make a great first impression on buyers from a street perspective. The pluses and minuses that jump out at buyers create their first opinion of your home and how you keep up your house's regular maintenance.Understanding this assists us in determining what measures we can take to attract buyers from the street and into your home. If your house isn't attractive on the outside with refreshed paint and bright greenery it's time to get those things done. Follow the Curb Appeal Checklist and elevate your house's final selling price.

Welcome Home Checklist

Sell quickly in San Jose with home staging and with me as your real estate agent - 408-270-9776 Does your home seem to say, "Hello From Your New Welcome Home" to a buyer? Touring your home with a critical eye, I'll suggest adjustments that build up market appeal. I'll help you take away anything that gives the impression of clutter. Surface areas like tables, desks and counters should be free and clear. Brick-a-brack, souvenirs, family photos, and refrigerator artwork should get stored away too. I can help you de-clutter your house. Unsightly or busy spaces make your home feel smaller and buyers have a harder time picturing themselves living there.

I'll look over every room of your home. I'll point out the pieces of furniture that should be put in storage, rooms that need new paint, rugs needing to be changed, fixtures that could use shining, and any other improvement that can inexpensively be made to positively influence the sale.

I'll make sure that your home is neutral and that it's friendly, avoiding "offensive" or "too-bright" hues on the walls and furniture. And if none of your belongings are there, you can consider renting furniture. The goal is for your house to look inviting as opposed to barren.

Setting the Stage

At your Open House, we want to capture buyers' attention. Dark living areas can really dampen a buyer's spirits, so we'll do things like draw back curtains and add lighting where needed to show off your property. Together we'll enhance the air of the house with enjoyable music to listen to while guests look around your home and ensure a pleasant scent circulates throughout your house. We'll incorporate cozy-looking blankets, and pillows on your love seat and bedding. Buyers should feel like your house has the potential to be.